Mission Statement: Our primary goal is quite simple, eliminate lamers from all mediums that we inhabit. As a secondary consequence, we hope to generally discourage lamers from using the Internet at all.

lamer n. [prob. originated in skateboarder slang] 1. Synonym for luser, not used much by hackers but common among warez d00dz, crackers, and phreakers. A person who downloads much, but who never uploads. (Also known as `leecher'). Oppose elite. Has the same connotations of self-conscious elitism that use of luser does among hackers. 2. Someone who tries to crack a BBS. 3. Someone who annoys the sysop or other BBS users - for instance, by posting lots of silly messages, uploading virus-ridden software, frequently dropping carrier, etc.

Crackers also use it to refer to cracker wannabees. In phreak culture, a lamer is one who scams codes off others rather than doing cracks or really understanding the fundamental concepts. In warez d00dz culture, where the ability to wave around cracked commercial software within days of (or before) release to the commercial market is much esteemed, the lamer might try to upload garbage or shareware or something incredibly old (old in this context is read as a few years to anything older than 3 days).

`Lamer' is also much used in the IRC world in a similar sense to the above.

Current Top 10 LRTF Members:
Luke: 26
darkness: 21
larne: 10
Griever: 7
Stskeeps: 1
JK: 1
butter: 0

Current LRTF Point System:
+3 - Lamer removed using only verbal abuse after stating only one sentence of text
+2 - Lamer does something worthy of a g-line as a result of lrtf procedure
+2 - Stress testing of an op resulting in divulgence of his inner lamer
+1 - Lamer removed using only verbal abuse after stating two or more sentences of text
+1 - Lamer threatens to DoS server if banned; lamer banned. Lamer does NOT DoS server
*** A successful DoS means > 30 minute service interruption
-1 - Lamer threatens to DoS server if banned; lamer banned. Lamer successfully DoS's server

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